Recent  investigations have come up with incontrovertible proof that Victoire Ingabire, was a member of the CDR (Coalition for the Defense of the Republic) extremists whose sworn duty was to exterminate every last surviving Tutsi in Rwanda, including babies still in their mothers’ wombs.


Victoire Ingabire has been claiming that she never espoused the politics of genocide. We have incontrovertible information that in 1993 she, together with her mother Odetta Dusabe, defected from Habyarimana’s MRND party to join CDR.

The CDR philosophy was, according to its co-founder Jean Bosco Barayagwiza, that MRND was not doing enough to solve “the Tutsi problem.”

This man co-founded CDR with Hassan Ngeze, editor of the infamous Kangura which among other things published the notorious ‘Hutu Ten Commandments’ that among other things exhorted “all Hutus to stop taking pity on the Tutsi ‘snakes.’”

Ingabire’s mother Odetta Dusabe, according to the findings of a Gacaca court in Butamwa apparently was a faithful adherent of Barayagwiza’s philosophy of killing even unborn babies.

The woman was a nurse at the Butamwa Health Centre and she used to do things to pregnant Tutsi women that for good taste we cannot describe in these pages.

Suffice it to say that none of the Tutsi women that fell in the hands of Dusabe ever survived – that is after she dealt gruesomely with their fetuses.

Victoire Ingabire was born on 3 October 1968 in Gatumba (former Kibirira Commune) and she is the daughter of Pascal Gakumba.

This man Gakumba too was an adherent of Barayagwiza and Ngeze and was a very active participant in massacres of Tutsis.

International rights bodies like Human Rights Watch and other friends of Victoire Umuhoza Ingabire have not mentioned it, but Gacaca courts convicted both her parents, Gakumba and Dusabe of being very enthusiastic participant in the genocide, and that these convictions took place long before Ingabire ever declared her political intentions.

After a Gacaca court passed a life sentence on Dusabe the woman fled to Belgium she is now living in Netherlands.

But Gakumba chose suicide after another court passed a similar sentence on him. The man drank rat poison and died.


Gakumba met Dusabe at a time the woman worked at a small health centre in Gatumba.

It is said that Dusabe moonlighted as a sex worker during after work hours. Not long after her liaison with Gakumba Victoire Ingabire was conceived.

Among the other men Odetta Dusabe came to know was one Dr. Akingeneye who was one of Juvenal Habyarimana’s physicians. Akingeneye apparently was enamored of Dusabe’s charms and it is him who brought her to Kigali to work at the Butamwa Health Centre. Dusabe had two children with Akingeneye.

Ingabire grew up in a household of different fathers. She was not an adept student in her primary school years and failed to attain the pass mark to go to a government secondary school. So she went to G.S. Rambura for her secondary education.

In the days of Habyarimana, and Kayibanda before him when tribal segregation was the order of the day, the authorities made provisions for failing Hutu children to attain higher education.

On the other hand the system made sure even the most brilliant Tutsi never went beyond six years of primary school. G.S. Rambura where Ingabire did six years of secondary school was a school for mediocre Hutu students. Ingabire never went to university.

After her sixth year at G.S. Rambura in 1991 she went to work in the Customs branch of the Ministry of Finance. It was in 93, apparently unsatisfied that Habyarimana’s MRND was doing enough to foment the required levels of Tutsi hatred that Ingabire and her mother decided to join the more incendiary CDR.

In CDR Ingabire was a very active grassroots organizer for this group of extremists.

According to Gacaca documents, her mother became even more active in the gruesome killings of Tutsi women and the unborn children of whomever happened to be pregnant in 94.

People who knew Ingabire those days are very sure the only reason she wasn’t a participant in the Genocide was because she had gone to Holland for further training for her government job.

She decided to stay in Europe when the RPF stopped the Genocide and drove out the genocidal regime.

In Holland Ingabire had three children. Information we have is that neither of them shares a father.

The membership of FDU Inkingi for which Ingabire is the leader is mainly composed of former members of Habyarimana’s MRND and Barayagwiza and Ngeze’s CDR.

When these people on 25 March 1995 formed something called the Rassemblement pour le Retour des Refugiés et la Démocratie au Rwanda (RDR) in the Mugunga refugee camp in the former Zaire they appointed Victoire Ingabire to be its point person in Holland. And in a big RDR meeting in Bonn, Germany on 17 August 2000 during the so-called third RDR congress Ingabire was made the overall leader of the RDR.

In yet another of these congresses, again in Bonn, on 22 March 2003 the woman once again was made leader of RDR up to recently when it changed its name to FDU Inkingi.


Ingabire’s genocide affiliations have been out there in the open for anyone who wants to see.

One of the FDU Inkingi officials Joseph Ntawangundi for example had been convicted of genocide and crimes committed during the genocide and left Rwanda.

But when they arrested the fellow after he returned to join Ingabire, FDU Inkingi together with Human Rights Watch and their friends set up a hue and cry that a member of the opposition was being wrongly jailed.

That is until Ntawangundi himself admitted that indeed he participated in the Genocide. After that even Ingabire changed her statements when incontrovertible proof of Ntawangundi’s culpability was made public, and she tried to disassociate herself from him.

But these people have been so tight together it is impossible for one to extricate herself from the other.


Why always Museveni blames Kagame as if Kagame is the president of Uganda?


For Museveni to survive.
He has to blame Kagame because the ones he used to blame Obote and Idi Amin died.

When Museveni farts 💨, he will say it was Kagame who ordered him to fart.
Museveni lies and inhuman plans and tricks. That was one of the tricks so he could kill Bobi Wine. But God no longer on Museveni side.

I’m really tired of Museveni and his General son Muhoozi. These 2 and Museveni wife. think they own Uganda.
They are destroying Uganda and putting all the blames on Kagame as if Kagame is the president of Uganda.
For 35 years in power. Museveni has chosen to blame Kagame, Idi Amin and Dr Obote for everything, Museveni did/ does wrong.
When Museveni sleeps during conferences, he will blame Kagame, but Kagame is busy developing his country and finding new solutions for our Africa.

On the other hand. Museveni seems to be so jealous of Kagame achievements and that’s why he blames him. Did you know that Kagame wishes one passport for Africans? Did you know that you don’t need visa of Rwanda only get it on Arrival.

Did you know that all the soldiers of Rwanda helps build free homes and does community work for the country and helps the farmers? Kagame has ended corruption and the Rwandan police are ranked at number 2 after Botswana Police.

Rwandan Direct flights from USA to Africa. Rwandair direct flights from London to Africa. So that all the African brothers don’t have to suffer coming back from America or Europe.

Now where would Kagame get time to be Number 1 president of Uganda? Soon Africa will have Free Trade Area for Africa because of Kagame.

I only praise Hard working African Presidents. Magufuli of Tanzania and many other good African presidents but I find it hard to love a bad dictator such as Museveni who kills his own people. Yet Ugandans have been so
Kind to him.

They let him rule them for 35 years. They let Museveni and his family loot Uganda and in return he kills them and blames all his evils on someone else.



Note on Regulating Faith Based Organizations in Rwanda



Since February 2018, a number of places of worship in Rwanda have been closed. However many of them have since reopened after taking corrective measures

The closures do not infringe on freedom to worship but rather address the alarming proliferation of places of worship in dilapidated and unhygienic conditions, as well as troubling behaviour of unscrupulous individuals masquerading as religious leaders. The latter have, among other abuses, defrauded innocent followers, broadcast insults against women and other religions, and forced followers to fast to the point of death from starvation.

Following an extensive consultative process, a meeting held on 13 February 2018 involving the Rwanda Governance Board, Ministry of Local Government, Kigali City officials, and church leaders, resolved to urgently address the increase in places of worship that failed to meet minimum building and hygiene standards, posed a serious threat to the safety of occupants, or had become a public nuisance.

Historical Background

The right to religion is guaranteed by Article 37 of the Rwandan Constitution of 2003 amended in 2015, and respected in practice. This is underscored by the rapid growth in number of religious organisations in recent years.

In 1962, Rwanda had less than ten recognised religious denominations, and from 1962 to 1994, these grew to around fifty. Between then and 2012, the number increased to 350. Since 2012, when the new law regulating faith-based organisations was enacted, and 2017, officially registered religious organisations grew to over 1,000.

This means that in the last five years, three times more faith-based organisations were registered than in the last fifty years, reflecting the historic expansion of freedom of religion in Rwanda.

What was done?

In the City of Kigali alone, close to 2,000 prayer houses were in operation. Kigali consists of 1,176 villages (imidugudu), the smallest entity of Rwanda’s administrative structure, which on average comprises 80 to 150 households.

In some parts of Kigali, there are ten churches or prayer houses in a single village. The number itself is not a problem but in some buildings three or four different denominations would hold prayer services at the same time, resulting in unbearable levels of noise and an unsafe environment for occupants.

Although the buildings and other worship spaces deemed inappropriate or hazardous were closed, the affected religious organisations remained active, and their right to religion guaranteed.

For example, the Association of Pentecostal Churches of Rwanda (ADEPR) had over 3,300 prayer houses countrywide, of which 1,381 were found to be below standard and closed down. After six weeks, 300 (more than 20%) of those took corrective measures to meet minimum standards and were allowed to re-open.

Similarly, 15% of mosques inspected failed to meet minimum standards and were closed. However Islamic worship continues across Rwanda in mosques that meet the standards.

Across Rwanda, churches and mosques that were closed have reopened after fulfilling the requirements. Others are still in the process of fulfilling requirements.

In Rusizi District in Southern Province, of 71 Catholic churches inspected, 26 were deemed unsafe and substandard. While these are being upgraded, worship continues uninterrupted in the remaining 45 churches that meet the standards.

In Rutsiro District in Western Province, 50 churches of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination were closed. Half of them were upgraded within six weeks and reopened.

In Gasabo District in Kigali, 23 churches have reopened.

In light of these developments, the 2012 law governing faith-based organisations has been passed by the Parliament and is currently awaiting promulgation.  The new law seeks to ensure freedom of religion is fully exercised and enjoyed by all citizens, in a safe and dignified manner.

Reactions of Some Religious Leaders

Many religious leaders have supported the process to improve standards.

The Rt. Rev. John Rucyahana, former Anglican Bishop of Shyira, said that churches ought to serve as positive examples to society on the importance of obeying laws and meeting required standards. He pointed out that Rwandans ought to challenge religious leaders they find to be manipulative or operating below required standards.

“The work of the Lord is not inferior that it can be done in sub-standard places. It has to be safe for occupants.” (The New Times, 5 March 2018)

Pastor Jonas Matabaro, representative of Restoration Church in Musanze District, said the closure of non-compliant places of worship was a necessity since it prompted them to seek to fulfil the necessary

“It has been a wake-up call for faith-based organisations to comply with the law. For instance, the church I run here in Musanze had no system to harvest rain water and it would cause damage while trickling down.” (Kigali Today, 13 March 2018)

Bishop Murekezi Masasu, representative of the Christian Churches Forum in Rubavu District, said the decision to close substandard place of worship was important and timely. “I believe that God is involved in the operation that aims at eradicating disorder and cleaning the churches. To be honest, as a religious leader, I also totally agree that some prayer houses were disgraceful, and deserved to be closed.” (Isange.com, 17 March 2018)


Rwanda Government

Ibikorwa Umutwe wa MRCD wa Sankara, Wilson na Rusesabagina wigamba ni ibikorwa by’iterabwoba.

Itegeko ku iterabwoba”rivuga ko iterabwoba ari ibikorwa bikozwe ku bushake ku buryo bibangamira igihugu cyangwa umuryango mpuzamahanga kandi bikaba bifatwa nk’icyaha muri icyo gihugu.
Bimwe muri ibyo bikorwa twavuga ibi bikurikira:
• Guhungabanya ubuzima bw’umuntu ku buryo bimuviramo gupfa,
• Gufata umuntu bugwate,
• Guhungabanya bikorewe ku buryo bw’umwiharuko ku mubiri w’umuntu
Kugira ngo ibi bikorwa bibarwe nk’igikorwa cy’iterabwoba, bigomba kuba byakozwe hagamijwe gutinyisha abaturage ku buryo bukabije , cyangwa hagamijwe ko Leta cyangwa amahanga yemera ku buryo butari buteganyijwe gukora cyangwa kureka gukora igikorwa runaka,cyangwa hagamijwe kubangamira cyangwa kwangiza inzego shingiro z’igihugu cyangwa z’amahanga mu buryo bwa politiki, bw’amategeko, bw’ubukungu cyangwa bw’umuryango mpuzamahanga.
Umutwe wa MRCD nazangabo zawo za FLN ziyemereye ko zakoze ibitero ku mupaka wo mu Rwanda, ukanareba icyo iterabwoba bisobanuye nta gushidikanye uriya mutwe ni uwiterabwoba (terrorist movement)
Wilson, Sankara na Rusesabagina bagomba gushyirwa kuri wanted list ndetse hakifashijwa interpol mu rwego rwo kubata muri yombi bakagezwa imbere y’ubutabera kubera ibyaba by’iterabwoba biyemerera ubwabo ko bakoze.

How Sankara has become Genocide perpetrators mouthpiece?

Elie Wiesel once said; I quote: “When a person doesn’t have gratitude, something is missing in his or her humanity. A person can almost be defined by his or her attitude toward gratitude.”

24 years after the genocide against the Tutsis, I feel sorrowful when I heard someone who is supposed to be gratefully to those who risked their lives to save his life, to those who paid the ultimate price to liberate our beautiful country.

A pact with the devil


Félicien Kabuga

This story began as many sad stories; it began in South Africa, when a certain Callixte Sankara arrived in the Rainbow country without a piece of money. However, the story of Sankara is different from other millions of stories of migrants around the world. His story took a wrong turn when he was scouted by a RNC recruiter and been proposed a financial help if he joins RNC.

Frankly speaking, Sankara had a little choice because he hardly managed to get food and shelter. When Sankara joined RNC, he joined a terrorist mafia gang; he has literally signed a pact with the devil without maybe knowing it or ignoring the consequences. In RNC, he quickly met with Dr Paulin Murayi, for those who do not know who is Murayi. He is Felicien Kabuga’s son-in-law; Kabuga was a leading founder member of RTLM and the main sponsor of Genocide against the Tutsis.

That time, Murayi was sponsoring Kayumba Nyamwasa to carry out grenades attacks inside Rwanda. When Murayi met Sankara, he started to finance his trend of life in South Africa so much that everyone started to realize that Sankara is getting rich overnight. What Sankara ignored was when you took Kabuga’s money, you belong to him, you should expect to do things for him, and you would have to do them.

After few years, Sankara is now paying back Kabuga’s money, he is in a very dirty and dangerous game which surpass his thinking ability because it is something planned a long time ago when Sankara was a kid, he is in a genocide denial amplified propaganda.


Paul Rusesabagina, Wilson Irategeka, Callixte Sankara 

Apparently, Kabuga’s son-in-law has actually find a better genocide perpetrators mouthpiece, and through the creation of MRCD, Murayi has managed behind the curtain to put three main Kabuga’s finance recipients (Rusesabagina,Irategeka&Sankara) together in one genocide denial group to deny the Genocide against the Tutsis, and defend Genocide perpetrators.

Ukuri ku ishingwa rya MRCD ya Rusesabagina na Sankara



Iyo ushaka kumva neza imvo n’ imvano y’ ishingwa rya MRCD na FLN, ubihera muri South Africa, nyuma yuko Sankara ageze muri South Africa, yaje kwegerwa ni umugabo wareshyaga abanyarwanda baba muri South Africa abajyana muri RNC, Sankara nk’ inkundarubyino yahise abisamira hejuru, yinjira muri RNC.

Ariko uko iminsi yagendaga ishira, Sankara yakomeje kubona ko RNC uretse ku mukoresha nk’ umushyushya rugamba mu nama zabo ariko nta kindi kintu bamushakaho, amakuru yizewe nuko uretse ku kuba Kayumba ataramukundaga ariko nta ni nyungu yamubonagamo.

Umubano wa Sankara n’ umukobwa wa Nyamwasa.


Nubwo Kayumba nta nyungu za Politike yabonaga muri Sankara, ariko yakomeje ku mwiyegereza kuko yabonaga urubyiruko rumukunda, Kayumba yamwitaga Bikindi wa RNC kuko yamubonagamo iturufu ikomeye ku rubyiruko, byaje kurangira Sankara amenyanye n’ umukobwa wa Kayumba waruri mu biruhuko kwa se muri South Africa kuko batabana, Kayumba rero yamusaba kuza gusuhuza abagize RNC mu nama yari yabereye I Cap Town.

Sankara yahise atangira kureshyareshya umukobwa wa Kayumba, kuko yumvaga byaba iturufu yamugeza mu myanya myiza muri RNC. Ibintu byaje gukomera igihe Kayumba yazaga kumenya Bikindi (Niko kazina Kayumba yita Sankara) ko amusambanyiriza umwana (Ingeso nk’iza se ariko), Kayumba akibimenya yararubiye ararakara, ndetse amakuru yizewe mfite nuko yashatse no ku mwica, ariko abo muri RNC bakamubuza kuko icyaha nk’ icyo cyari gutuma ajya mu nkiko kandi yaragifite ibibazo by’ ibyangombwa by’ umuhunzi.

Sankara akimenya ko Nyamwasa yabimenye yatangiye kugira ubwoba kuko Kayumba nta nama n’ imwe yarangira atavuze ijambo “Kwica”, hashize iminsi Kayumba yatumije umukobwa wiwe na Sankara ngo babiganireho, bahageze Sankara yabwiye Kayumba ko akunda umukobwa wiwe ariko kubera ubwoba umukobwa we avuga ko atamukunda; bukeye Kayumba ahita yohereza umukobwa wiwe kwa nyina yirukanye Sankara muri RNC, ariko Sankara ahita amutanga avuga ko yasezeye muri RNC.

Ishingwa rya MRCD na FLN

Kuva muri RNC byabereye ihurizo rikomeye cyane, kuko ubuzima bwo muri South Africa butari bworoshye kandi amafaranga amubeshaho yarayakuraga mu bufasha abikire nka Rujugiro na Murayi batera abanyarwanda babaga bemeye kujya muri RNC.

Ariko hari ikindi kintu cyababaje Sankara cyane, igihe Kayumba yamutumiraga n’ umukobwa wiwe yamubwiye ko: “Niyo isi yarangira atashyingira imbwa y’ umusivile”; Sankara rero byahoraga bimushengura, umunsi umwe Rusesabagina yaje ku muhamgara amubwira ko ashaka gushinga ishyaka ryitwa Mouvement Rwandaise Pour le Changement Democratique (MRCD) rifite umutwe w’ ingabo Forces de Libération Nationale (FLN), icyo gitekerezo yahise agisamira hejuru cyane, nubwo na Rusesabagina yamubwiye ko ariwe uzaba Perezida, ariko nibura Sankara yishimiye ko azaba visi perezida wa Kabiri wa MRCD n’ umuvugizi wa FLN.

Ariko Sankara bukeye bwaho yabwiye abacuti biwe ko ibintu yagiyemo abona nta gahunda bifite kuko yibazaga ukuntu abantu bashinga umutwe w’ ingabo badafite n’ imbunda imwe, ariko Rusesabagina amuhamagara nta mafaranga na make yarasigaranye kandi Rusesabagina yamubwiye ko hari amadolari igihumbi $1000 yarafite yahise amuha yo gukoresha nka Visi Perezida, ubukwe Sankara yarafite ntago bwari gutuma ahakana icyo kintu.

Reka ngaruke kuri FLN kuko cyo ni igitekerezo cya Sankara, ahanini yumvaga ashaka kwihimura kuri Kayumba Nyamwasa, FLN yabaye inzira imwe yumvaga Kayumba atazongera ku mwita umusivile.

Nyuma y’ itangazo ryo ku wa 15 Nyakanga 2018, ryishinja ko FLN ariyo iri inyuma y’ ubusambo bumaze iminsi mu majyepfo y’ u Rwanda, iri tangazo rero ntago ryashimishije abagize MRCD kuko batunguwe nuko Callixte Sankara yaryanditse atababwiye, akishinja n’ ibintu batakoze, ikindi kintu atumviganyeho na Wilson Irategeka, visi perezida wa mbere wa MRCD, kimwe mu bintu Col. Wilson Irategeka atumvise ni ukuntu umusivile nka Sankara abyuka akiyita Majoro, ariko ndahamya ko imvo n’ imvano y’ iri peti ari Kayumba. Amakuru yizewe aturuka muri MRCD avuga ko Rusesabagina na Irategeka basabye Sankara ko byaba byiza akuyeho iri peti yihaye kuko nta muntu ubyuka yabaye Majoro kuko amapeti araharanirwa.

Rudasingwa: Ingaruka z’ inda nini




Muri ino minsi, isi yose yatunguwe no kubona hari umunyarwanda wihandagaza ati: “Mwari mubizi narose harabayeho Jenoside yabakorewe abahutu kandi aba nibo bayikoze” nyuma y’ imyaka 22 agize uruhare muguhagarika Jenoside yakorewe abatutsi.

Ku banyarwanda benshi bumva Rudasingwa mu bitangazamakuru baribaza ibisazi byamuteye ariko abazi Rudasingwa bazi n’ inda nini yamwokamye, bazi ko Rudasingwa wamuhaye amafaranga nta kintu atavuga.

Ubuhemu n’ inda nini bya Rudasingwa s’ iby’uyu munsi, kuva akiri n’ umunyeshuli yari umuntu warangwaga n’ inda nini no gukunda amafaranga bimeze nk’ uburwayi.

Iyi ngeso yaje gukura nyuma ya Jenoside yakorewe abatutsi, ubwo yarabonye imirimo mu muryango RPF, ari nabyo byatumye ahemukira u Rwamubyaye agatorongera agasubira ishyanga.


Rudasingwa amaze gutorongera yihuje n’ abandi banyabyaha nka Kayumba na Karegeya bashinga RNC ariko kubera ko abanyarwanda benshi batabumvaga byabaye ngombwa ko bifatanya n’ abajenosideri n’ abandi bashyigikiye ingengabitekerezo ya jenoside.

Niko RNC yakiriye Dr Murayi, umukwe wa Kabuga, kandi ibi ntago byarangiriye ku mafaranga y’ umuryango wa Kabuga, umutera nkunga wa mbere wa Jenoside, ahubwo bashatse na zahabu n’ amabuye y’ agaciro ya FDLR, n’ amadolari y’ imitwe yose y’ iterabwoba n’ abajenosideri bashaka gusubukura Apocalypse ya Bagosora.


Muri Kamere ya Rudasingwa, uwa muha amafaranga wese yamuyoboka. Ibi kandi abihuje n’ abagize RNC nubwo inda nini yabo ariyo yanasenye RNC.

Urugendo rwo guhakwa kwa Rudasingwa rwatangiriye kuri Kanziga, igihe yamuhaga amafaranga ngo  avuge ko akazu atariko kahanuye indege ya Kinani.

Bidatinze, umuganga Rudasingwa atangira gukorana ibiganiro n’ umutetsi Rusesabagina, ibi byo byaransekeje kuko wumvaga ikiganiro bakoze ari nko gusomeza amata n’a amaganga.

Urugendo rwo gushimisha abajenosideri rwa Rudasingwa rurakomeje uko amafaranga bamuha agenda yiyongera.

Muri iki cyumweru niho inda nini ya Rudasingwa yamukoresheje amahano, ntekereza ko nawe ubwe atuye isoni, igihe yemeraga icyo yise jenoside yakorewe abatutsi.

Abazi neza Rudasingwa bemezako atazarekeho igihe FDLR n’ imitwe izaba igifite zahabu zo kumuha, nubwo njyewe mbona ntacyo banakimukemeyeho.